Offshore Engineer Books (Complete) – Free Download

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Handbook of Offshore Engineering vol1

Drilling and Producing Offshore

Construction of marine and offshore structures 2nd edition

Angus Mather-Offshore Engineering. An Introduction Second Edition-Wither


Handbook of Offshore Engineering vol2

Marine & Offshore Insulation Technical Guidelines

Offshore platform fire protecion


Offshore Fire and Explosion Hazard Management

Concrete Towers for Onshore and Offshore Wind Farms

Steel Structure Detailing for Developing An Offshore Oil Platform In USA

Handbook for Offshore

Dynamics of offshore structures

Offshore Blowouts Causes and Control

Offshore Construction 

 Lifting Analysis of Offshore Platform

Oil and Gas – Pipeline Repair Offshore

Design Guides for Offshore Structure

Marine Offshore

Offshore operaions

Marine Offshore Pipe Marking

Offshore Structure Material Presentation

Offshore Drilling Waste Treatments & Risk Management Plan

Progress in wave load computations on offshore structures

Offshore pipe laying operations 

A Primer of Offshore Operations

Water based FP – Offshore

Onshore-offshore comparison

Verification, Testing and Inspection Design Concept of Electrical and Machinery on Vessels Mobile Offshore Units

DRain System – Offshore

 Offshore gas project topside basis of design

Offshore Installation Projects

Fixed Offshore Platforms

Handbook Offshore Structure


Offshore Emergency Response Combined Helideck Team Member

Introduction to Offshore Pipelines & Risers

Jack-up rigs operational aspects (Offshore Drilling)

Peralatan Dan Operasi Pemboran Di Offshore

The Conquest of the Inner Space Design and Analysis of Offshore Structures

The Technology of Offshore Drilling_Completion and Production

3 responses to “Offshore Engineer Books (Complete) – Free Download

  1. hi sir
    i m looking for 4 book in offshore oil field could you please help me ?

    1)Stability and Ballast Control (Oilfield Seamanship Series Volume 7)
    2)design guides for offshore structures stability and operation of jackups
    3)Towing (Oilfield Seamanship Series Volume 4)
    4)Seabed Reconnaissance And Offshore Soil Mechanics For The
    Installation Of Petroleum Structures

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