Pipeline Engineering Books (Complete)

Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook 8th Ed

Modeling of Oil product and Gas pipeline transportation

Pipeline Welding Handbook

Pipeline Engineering – Henry

Pipeline pigging and integrity

A Quick Guide to Pipeline Engineering

Above Ground Pipeline Facilities

Pipeline Corrosion and Cathodic Protection 3E

 Pipeline and Risers

PIPELINE design & Construction

Pipeline Systems Engineering and Routing Considerations

Oil and Gas – Pipeline Repair Offshore

Introduction to Oil & Gas Pipeline and tankers

Pipeline Engineering

Pipeline Welding

 Welding pipeline handbook

Study of welding and cathodic protection of gas pipeline

Installation crossing procedure for export pipeline 

SOP for pipeline leakages

Pipeline Installation Procedure

Pipeline Overview

Cleaning Of Pipeline

Installation Pipeline for Air Compressor

Pipeline Construction Guidelines

Risk analysis for the pipeline explosion

Polyethylene Coating SETH 16 Subsea Pipeline

Pipeline Installation of LPG Tank

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